Field and laboratory tests

Field and laboratory tests will be performed in the PROPAINT project to measure environmental conditions in micro climate frames for paintings with novel dosimeter technology developed in past EU projects and with passive gas sampling techniques.

Measurements of degradation varnish samples exposed to the environment inside and outside of microclimate frames in the field and in accelerated tests in the laboratory will also be performed.Field tests: Measurements will be performed with three different dosimeters inside microclimate frames for paintings. Subsequently passive gas sampling inside and outside of the microclimate frames will be performed. Climate parameters will be measured. Measurements will be performed in new made frames at the frame producer laboratory of SIT-Artyd, Madrid, and in frames with paintings installed at exhibitions, in storage and in transit at end user museums. Varnish samples will be exposed inside and outside of microclimate frames in end user museums, and simultaneous passive gas sampling and climate measurements will be performed.Laboratory tests: Accelerated exposures of varnish samples to pollutant gases in an exposure chamber at NILU will be performed.SIT-Artyd laboratories, MadridAnalysis: Chemical and physical analysis of exposed dosimeters and varnishes will be performed in laboratories of the project partners