There are seven partners, three subcontractors and eight end user museums in the PROPAINT project. The partners are research institutes and universities in the fields of air research, chmistry and conservation, one conservation institute, one museum with much activity in the field of conservation and one SME working with design and construction of micro-climtae frames for paintings, for use during exhibition, storage and transport:


1. Co-ordinator: Norwegian Institute for Air Research, NIILU,

2. Birkbeck College, University of London (UK),

4. The Royal Danish Academy of Fine ArtsThe School of Conservation, RDAFA.SC (DK),

5. SIT – International Transporters (ES),

6. Fraunhofer Institute for  Silicate Research, ISC (DE),

7. National Museum in Krakow, MNK (PL),

8. Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry of University of Pisa, DCCI (IT),


1. Tate Britain (UK),

2. QuartzTec (UK),

3. The Danish National Gallery, SMK (DK),!opendocument

End user museums:

1. The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design (NO),

2. Tate Britain (UK),

3. English Heritage (UK),

4. The Danish National Gallery, SMK (DK),!opendocument

5. Museo del Belles Artes de Valencia (ES),

6. National Museum of Art, Mexico City (MX),

7. Germanisches Nationalmusum (DE),

8. National Museum in Krakow (PL),